The AC Box Hole Gallery is the solution to a problem. When life gives you lemons.....or in our case an Air Conditioner box welded to the front of your retail store….you make something better out of it. We rotate artists work on a monthly basis. The viewing space dimensions are 25” x 19” x 10”. Work can not exceed 25” x 19” x 23”. If you would like to be considered to show your work inside the AC Box Hole Gallery please send images of your work with dimensions, price and any special instructions to 


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by: Elise Williams


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Alexis Huckaby

Anthropomorphism Gender is a performance that humans act out everyday, with varying degrees of socially-determined “success”.  In the United States, females and males are reared differently by members of their environment, from the selection of “gender appropriate” toys to delegation of gender based assignments. These roles are tightly regulated and extremely narrow, without much room for deviation. I am interested solely in the constraints that are placed upon women in the 21st Century.